The Remeda loading trolley is designed to load and unload the sterilizers chamber. On top of the trolley can be placed either a basket feeder or shelf rack/transfer platform depending on what kind of goods it is supposed to handle.
The height of the trolley can be adjusted so that loading and unloading can be carried out at suitable working height. Thanks to the unique lifting system, the trolley is exceptionally easy to clean.

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Loading trolley

The height adjustment is electric and controlled by an easy operated control placed on the handle. The trolley is delivered with a charger for the battery. The handle is mounted on the bottom part of the trolley, and stays at normal height. The top is equipped with a guiding and locking system, to lock the trolley to the autoclave chamber rails.
The trolley is manufactured in stainless steel with a frame in stainless steel profile piping. Equipped with four castors with diameter 150mm, of which 2 with brakes and 2 with
direction locking.
The trolley is designed for autoclaves with square chamber opening width of about 660-700mm.
The trolley is available in a fixed height version as well.

Basket feeder

The Remeda basket feeder is designed to simplify the loading of basket into a sterilizer. The basket feeder is used in combination with the Remeda loading trolley and chamber rails.
The basket is placed on the basket feeder, thereafter the top part of the basket feeder is raised. The basket feeder and baskets can then be transferred into the sterilizer chamber.
The basket feeder is lowered and the baskets are placed on the chamber rails.
Thereafter the basket feeder can be rolled out on the loading trolley. When the basket feeder is transported on the loading trolley, a transport locking system prevents the basket feeder from rolling off. The basket feeder is manufactured from stainless steel profile piping.
The basket feeder is designed for autoclaves with a square chamber opening width of 660-700mm, and is available in different lengths.
The exact chamber depth to be specified at the time of ordering.

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Remeda was established in 1990 and is a family owned company with its head office in Halmstad Sweden. We are a medical technology company with ergonomics in focus. Our products provide simpler and more effective solutions for work in operating theatres and central sterilization departments.
Our products are produced in Sweden and our market is worldwide. Sales are made through local dealers and collaborations with other companies in the medical technology industry

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